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The SHARP System is a confidential service which allows students, parents and members of the public to access information and voice any concerns they may have about issues like bullying, drugs, anti-social behaviour, weapons and hate crime in their local school or community.

 The aim of this site is to enable us all to work together to make our communities a safer place to live. It is full of useful information and advice for everyone, so please take the time to look through the different pages.  Feel free to feed back any thoughts that you may have about the site and also let us know any suggestions for future pages that you may like to see.

You may find that your local school has a SHARP system, if so please use your school site to report any issues/concerns you may have.  Otherwise you can contact us by pressing the talk 2 sharp button.  Feel free to contact us anytime.  All reports are read and replied to if contact details are left. (It would be good to be able to communicate with you,so we can work together to resolve your concerns)

 If you want to report a crime, contact Cheshire Constabulary on 101 for non-emergency calls.


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