Drug Driving - All you need to know


Is drug driving against the law?


Is drug driving against the law?

It's an offence to drive whilst unfit through drugs. Many people think that if they drive under the influence of drugs a vehicle search and potential charge of possession is all they have to worry about.

Well think again.......



What will happen if you get caught?

The consequences of a drug drive conviction are devastating. The penalties are the same as drink driving. They will receive:

  • A minimum 12-month driving ban
  • A criminal record
  • Up to a £5000 fine


  • There will be a record on the driving licence for eleven years that details a conviction for drug driving.
  • If the driver is convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, they will receive a prison sentence of up to fourteen years.
  • If they drive for work their employer will see the conviction when they have to produce their licence.
  • Car insurance will increase significantly.
  • Any drug-related conviction may mean encountering difficulties getting permission to enter countries such as the USA.


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