Totally Wasted is a campaign which aims to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol abuse and the problems that it brings. The number of alcohol-related incidents is on the increase, resulting in increased anti-social behaviour and more young people being admitted to A&E with alcohol-related problems, such as alcohol poisoning.

The UK has one of the highest rates of binge drinking in Europe and in the North West, 1 in 4 teenagers binge drink - this is an alarming statistic. The “Totally Wasted” campaign aims to educate young people and get them to understand the harm they are doing to themselves if they don’t change their drinking habits.

Think about the amount you drink

Totally Wasted wants drinkers to take a long hard look at the amount they drink - what is the ‘trigger’ or cause of getting wasted all the time, and if behaviour can be changed, so that quiet night outs can be enjoyed as well as drink oriented nights.

Think about the effects of your drinking

Click on the links below for more information and have a think about the following, have you:

Wasted Your Evening

Wasted Your Life

Wasted Your Looks

Wasted Time

Wasted Money







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