Cyber Bullying - The Law




Before you hit that send button... Know the facts  - think twice! 






Cyber Bullying is using any form of technology to abuse or threaten another person. Examples include:


  • Sending harassing text messages
  • Making malicious/abusive phone calls
  • Taking a picture/video of people on mobiles and passing these around for amusement
  • Writing threatening emails
  • Being abusive in chat rooms
  • Writing nasty things about people in websites
  • Sending nasty instant messages
  • Breaking into someone’s email account to send nasty messages to others





Whilst there is not a specific criminal offence called cyberbullying, activities can be criminal offences under a range of different laws, including:

. The Protection from Harassment Act 1997

. The Malicious Communications Act 1988

. Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003

. Public Order Act 1986

. The Defamation Acts 1952 and 1996


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