A hate crime is when a person or people harm you or your property because you are different.

This may be because you:

· have a disability

· come from a minority race

· have a different religion

· are gay or a lesbian

·  are transgender

Hate crime can take many forms including:

· physical attacks - such as assault, damage to property, offensive graffiti

· threat of attack - including offensive letters and texts, abusive or obscene telephone calls or groups hanging around to intimidate

· verbal abuse or insults - offensive leaflets and posters, abusive gestures and bullying at school

Hate Crime does not belong in our communities. If you experience it, or witness it you should report it.

By phone

101 or in an emergency call 999

By email


In person

Come to a local police station or a hate crime reporting centre.

Report online

The police service has launched, called True Vision, which allows you to report hate crime online

Make Report