SpeakOut is a group that has two main objectives. The first is a virtual group of young people who are accessible via email to respond promptly to issues that young people see as important to them. The virtual group will be a two way dialogue between myself and the young people of Cheshire to gain views and opinions of improvements that can be made for them. Membership to the group is completely unrestricted and every young person is invited to join, membership can be completely anonymous if required.


The second part of the group is a more active ‘face’ of SpeakOut. These Ambassadors will be available for young people to talk to and gain advice from and will receive training as well as having experience of particular issues themselves. By acting as ambassadors these young people can provide information to young people or signpost them to other people or areas for advice. Young people often feel more comfortable speaking to someone of a similar age rather than an adult and by having ambassadors within schools, youth clubs and any other social setting it is hoped that less young people will suffer in silence and SpeakOut.


The motto of the group is ‘Look Out, Speak Out’ and it is hoped that by working with young people to develop posters and videos around subjects that other young people will look out for each other and speak out on behalf of each other where they would have previously remained silent. Young people have often unrestricted access to each others lives in all formats and mediums and advice from other young people often resonates harder. In giving young people the knowledge of where to signpost each other to, whether it be a person or interactive medium young people will have the confidence to SpeakOut.


When committing crime it is human nature to want others alongside you and it takes bravery to stand up and say no. When young people are being bullied or witnessing crime in the home it is hard to know who to turn to. Young people know each other best and by working with them we can all Look Out and Speak Out for one another.


If you know a young person who has experienced hardship and for whom it would provide an opportunity to share their experiences and build their confidence then please encourage them to join. If you know young people who are excellent communicators and good at working with others then encourage them to join. By giving young people genuine responsibility within their community to benefit others they may change their own opinions for the better.


Members and ambassadors, please help your young people get involved


For more details please give me a call, or contact me through my email address

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